Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial Sales

The ultimate test for any real estate firm is to consistently and accurately interpret various market currents. Thorburn Property Group provides an end-to-end sales service across all commercial real estate sectors. We combine industry expertise and creative thinking in order to provide a bespoke sales process.

Commercial Leasing

If it’s a macro leasing strategy or a micro-outcome Thorburn Property Group understands that leasing is an integral component to asset value. Our team has significant knowledge of market trends, effective marketing strategies and provide detailed analysis throughout the process. We are supported by national and internal associations to provide a hands on approach to ensure the best possible end result.

Commercial, Property/Asset Management

Thorburn Property Group understands that our role as your managers is to maximise your returns but streamlining operational expenses whilst delivering a focussed, client face service with a class leading negotiating skill set. We will provide income retention, enhanced client/tenant relationships, provide value add strategies (Long and Short Term) and up to date budgeting to retain and grow wealth.

“Thorburn showed up and did exactly what they said they were going to do! I couldn't be more pleased. ”
Johnson Family